Philadelphia Mansions

Some of the most amazing mansions that you could ever see but probably won’t have the chance to see are the ones in Philadelphia, simply because of the way they are built and placed in contrast to the rest of the city. Philadelphia has essentially become a mini New York, and thanks to that it’s significantly improved the way that these mansions look.

Many if not all the mansions in Philadelphia have the same look and build, and all of them are just as stunning as the others. They really set themselves apart from ordinary homes within the area because of the way that they are built, but as we touched on a bit earlier, what really makes them stand apart from other more modern homes within the area is the amount of space surrounding the homes.

For these reasons, mansion homes within the city of Philadelphia have become more in demand than ever, and there are people who actively spend thousands just on seeking real estate agents who may know of some of these homes becoming available. To a very select few house hunters and architect enthusiasts, the homes themselves are becoming increasingly in demand. Because of the increase in demand and the inability to increase the supply, the housing prices are significantly increasing yearly.

That is why if you are looking for your next property purchase and you have the funds available to make a significant investment, you should consider one of these homes. There are real estate attorney Philadelphia based companies who will be able to provide all legal support you may need in terms of legally purchasing one of these houses and ensuring that you are not breaking any laws during the purchase period. This is especially necessary if you do buy one of these houses, as you will want to make sure they are maintained in the eyes of the law.

Australian Suburbs

One of the most common homes that we have built, bought, and/or sold are ordinary suburban homes around Australia. There are thousands of homes that are built and sold every year around Australia, and the real estate market will always be alive. It is one of the few markets that will always exist around the world. People will always need homes, and there will always need to be companies that sell these homes for the home owners.

One of the important notes that needs to be made is that there are many times where you cannot sell a home in the same condition as it had been bought. There will always be repairs that need to be made. Whether it is interior or exterior repairs that need to be made for the aesthetics, or there will need to be changes made for the genuine structural integrity of the home, there are always changes and repairs that have to be made.

One of the companies that helps us to do a great job is a renovations Adelaide based company who consistently help us to repair these homes. They help with the roofing specifically, but they also help to make additional repairs around the home. It is important to make sure that the homes that we purchase are in a great condition to sell to make sure that we do not sell under false pretences.

We love working on Australian homes because we like to improve homes for people who are our own people. As Australians, it is important to make sure that we help the people that we live alongside. It is also important for our own reputation that the homes that we sell are of the highest quality and they can stand the test of time.

We need to make sure that as a responsible company, we work for our customers.

A home in the forest

One of the nicest homes that I ever had the chance to photograph and sell was a home within the forests of Germany. There was a phase where we as a company would buy foreign homes while the Australian economy was in a better place. We would buy homes within several locations around Europe specifically for a relatively low price and then flip the homes.  

One of these homes that we purchased was a fine wooden manor in the middle of the Rhine in Germany. The home was beautiful, being built of wood around the home and roofing. In terms of the exterior of the home, it was designed to directly blend into the trees in the background with very difficult to spot metal bars attached to the corners for significant support. While the metal was necessary to ensure that the wooden beams that surrounded the exterior would stay in place, the beams themselves were difficult to spot even when you were right in front of them.

The only significant issue with this home was the damage that water from rain had caused over time. As you can imagine, the home had suffered significantly from water damage throughout the years, so it took a significant amount of investment to fix that had become a significant issue by this point. That is why we had to replace all of the wooden exterior beams and replace them with the same type of beams but with a polished coat to ensure that it will not run into water trouble over the long term.

One of the biggest insurances that we had to make to potential homeowners and also ourselves to keep our own reputation was that the repairs we would be making ensured that the homes were future proofed. That is why the repairs were in order.

A home by the sea

Some of the nicest homes I have seen during my photographic career are homes that are built on or by the sea. Usually, these homes provide the best views that you could wish for, and some of them will have interiors that are unmatched to the average home! When you look at homes by the sea, you start to notice a pattern when it comes to the charm. This is not intended as an insult, because many of these homes are truly wonderful!

One of the nicest homes that I managed to take part on as part of my real estate and photographic career was a home on the Gold Coast. If you are aware, homes on the Gold Coast are significant because the Gold Coast is known as a luxurious area for Australia. The area is beautiful, but it is regarded as a very affluent (and luxurious) area for many.

There was one specific home within the Gold Coast that was absolutely amazing, because it bordered within the sea itself. The actual home was built on land obviously, but the deck at the back of the home had been built so that it had stretched out to the ocean itself. Using a heavy supply of raw materials, the bottom of the home provided the support of the deck that stretched into the ocean because it would have been too difficult for them to actually build on the ocean itself.

The reason this home was amazing compared to many is that the deck was not just a way to home a swimming pool, but also provided space for a small room for the homeowner to use a telescope to look at various planets at night. The room itself was surrounded with a glass wall to make it easy to still look at in all seasons, as it would be too difficult during the winter as you might imagine.

Home on the Mountains

There are quite a lot of homes that are built on mountains in 2019. This is something that I wouldn’t have expected originally, just due to the overall scale of a project such as this. When I say on a mountain, I don’t mean on the peak of a mountain. Instead, I mean there are homes that are quite literally on the side of the mountain itself. This is one of the things that makes these homes so amazing.

Essentially, they are stabilised on the walls of the mountain by using pillars and entire support structures as a prevention to ensure that extreme weather issues and any damage to the mountain or wear and tear throughout the years do not collapse the mountain homes. One of the worst things that you could imagine as a homeowner who is on the side of a mountain is for the home itself to collapse on itself halfway throughout the day.

Therefore, the structural integrity for homes such as these are key, even above how the home itself looks. However, this home still looked stunning. As you could imagine, any home that is built on the side of a mountain would be picture perfect. But the actual pictures that you could take on this home and of this home are quite out of this world. It is one of the best homes I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, the price of the home also makes it very out of the reach to most people including millionaires. The home in total cost over $40,000,000 in total when including the purchase of the land itself! There are lottery winners that couldn’t dream of purchasing such a house. It is insane just to consider let alone try to aim for! But we can all dream that one day we will be there!

Picture Perfect Home Tours

With Picture Perfect Home Tours, it’s in the name. We will be showing you the best homes that we have seen throughout our 25 years In Australian real estate! Throughout the years the Australian market has grown significantly in terms of the quality of work and the amount of homes that are being bought. Alongside this increase comes homes that can only be described as picture perfect. These homes are so magnificent that we felt the need to start a blog about it, in the hopes that any readers who are looking to fund a new build will start with these as their inspiration.

There are many benefits to a picture-perfect home, but the main benefit is clearly the property value aspect. If the home both inside and outside looks amazing enough, you can sell it for a home that has double the number of bedrooms in a nicer area of town just because it looks great enough. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as this is quickly becoming the new trend within the real estate market in Australia. Many make the homes look perfect, so they can increase the fees against the real property value, and it is a practice that is done around the world.

However, this is within good reason. Amazing homes are the most sought out pieces of property in the world. There are many homeowners who would rather pay to upkeep an amazing looking home than fund a new build or a renovation of a home. The nicer the home looks, the higher that the home can be sold for against its estimated property value.

Quite frankly, what we enjoy most about picture perfect homes aren’t the increases in property value or the amount that the home can be sold for, but the home itself. We love picture perfect homes!