Picture Perfect Home Tours

With Picture Perfect Home Tours, it’s in the name. We will be showing you the best homes that we have seen throughout our 25 years In Australian real estate! Throughout the years the Australian market has grown significantly in terms of the quality of work and the amount of homes that are being bought. Alongside this increase comes homes that can only be described as picture perfect. These homes are so magnificent that we felt the need to start a blog about it, in the hopes that any readers who are looking to fund a new build will start with these as their inspiration.

There are many benefits to a picture-perfect home, but the main benefit is clearly the property value aspect. If the home both inside and outside looks amazing enough, you can sell it for a home that has double the number of bedrooms in a nicer area of town just because it looks great enough. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as this is quickly becoming the new trend within the real estate market in Australia. Many make the homes look perfect, so they can increase the fees against the real property value, and it is a practice that is done around the world.

However, this is within good reason. Amazing homes are the most sought out pieces of property in the world. There are many homeowners who would rather pay to upkeep an amazing looking home than fund a new build or a renovation of a home. The nicer the home looks, the higher that the home can be sold for against its estimated property value.

Quite frankly, what we enjoy most about picture perfect homes aren’t the increases in property value or the amount that the home can be sold for, but the home itself. We love picture perfect homes!

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