Home on the Mountains

There are quite a lot of homes that are built on mountains in 2019. This is something that I wouldn’t have expected originally, just due to the overall scale of a project such as this. When I say on a mountain, I don’t mean on the peak of a mountain. Instead, I mean there are homes that are quite literally on the side of the mountain itself. This is one of the things that makes these homes so amazing.

Essentially, they are stabilised on the walls of the mountain by using pillars and entire support structures as a prevention to ensure that extreme weather issues and any damage to the mountain or wear and tear throughout the years do not collapse the mountain homes. One of the worst things that you could imagine as a homeowner who is on the side of a mountain is for the home itself to collapse on itself halfway throughout the day.

Therefore, the structural integrity for homes such as these are key, even above how the home itself looks. However, this home still looked stunning. As you could imagine, any home that is built on the side of a mountain would be picture perfect. But the actual pictures that you could take on this home and of this home are quite out of this world. It is one of the best homes I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, the price of the home also makes it very out of the reach to most people including millionaires. The home in total cost over $40,000,000 in total when including the purchase of the land itself! There are lottery winners that couldn’t dream of purchasing such a house. It is insane just to consider let alone try to aim for! But we can all dream that one day we will be there!

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