A home by the sea

Some of the nicest homes I have seen during my photographic career are homes that are built on or by the sea. Usually, these homes provide the best views that you could wish for, and some of them will have interiors that are unmatched to the average home! When you look at homes by the sea, you start to notice a pattern when it comes to the charm. This is not intended as an insult, because many of these homes are truly wonderful!

One of the nicest homes that I managed to take part on as part of my real estate and photographic career was a home on the Gold Coast. If you are aware, homes on the Gold Coast are significant because the Gold Coast is known as a luxurious area for Australia. The area is beautiful, but it is regarded as a very affluent (and luxurious) area for many.

There was one specific home within the Gold Coast that was absolutely amazing, because it bordered within the sea itself. The actual home was built on land obviously, but the deck at the back of the home had been built so that it had stretched out to the ocean itself. Using a heavy supply of raw materials, the bottom of the home provided the support of the deck that stretched into the ocean because it would have been too difficult for them to actually build on the ocean itself.

The reason this home was amazing compared to many is that the deck was not just a way to home a swimming pool, but also provided space for a small room for the homeowner to use a telescope to look at various planets at night. The room itself was surrounded with a glass wall to make it easy to still look at in all seasons, as it would be too difficult during the winter as you might imagine.

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