A home in the forest

One of the nicest homes that I ever had the chance to photograph and sell was a home within the forests of Germany. There was a phase where we as a company would buy foreign homes while the Australian economy was in a better place. We would buy homes within several locations around Europe specifically for a relatively low price and then flip the homes.  

One of these homes that we purchased was a fine wooden manor in the middle of the Rhine in Germany. The home was beautiful, being built of wood around the home and roofing. In terms of the exterior of the home, it was designed to directly blend into the trees in the background with very difficult to spot metal bars attached to the corners for significant support. While the metal was necessary to ensure that the wooden beams that surrounded the exterior would stay in place, the beams themselves were difficult to spot even when you were right in front of them.

The only significant issue with this home was the damage that water from rain had caused over time. As you can imagine, the home had suffered significantly from water damage throughout the years, so it took a significant amount of investment to fix that had become a significant issue by this point. That is why we had to replace all of the wooden exterior beams and replace them with the same type of beams but with a polished coat to ensure that it will not run into water trouble over the long term.

One of the biggest insurances that we had to make to potential homeowners and also ourselves to keep our own reputation was that the repairs we would be making ensured that the homes were future proofed. That is why the repairs were in order.

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